Lenskart Franchise: The Golden Ticket to Eyewear Entrepreneurship

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Lenskart started in 2010, founded by Piyush Bansal and his friend. It’s one of the fastest-growing eyewear stores in India. They sell affordable eyewear like glasses for seeing, glasses for computers, glasses for kids, contact lenses, and more.

Lenskart is super popular among young people. They have over 1000 stores in different Indian cities. You can find more than 5000 different styles of eyewear there. According to the latest info, about 100,000 people visit their website or offline stores every month. They started online but now have both regular stores and home eye checkups.

What Makes Lenskart Special?

Market Insights

The eyewear business in India is expected to reach a huge $14,856.9 million by 2018. Back in 2007, they made $1,247 million in revenue, and it kept growing at about 27% every year until 2013.

Lenskart is the fastest-growing eyewear company in India. They have more than 200 successful partners. They make all their glasses in one place and make it easy for customers to get them.

Support and Perks

  • No need to keep lots of stock
  • Help with picking a store location and setting it up
  • Help with hiring employees
  • Experts to help with branding
  • Training for you and your staff

What You Need to Apply??

lenskart franchise requirements:

  • IDs like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, or Voter Card
  • Proof of where you live like an electricity bill
  • Proof of your qualifications
  • A photo of yourself, your email address, and your phone number
  • Proof of your bank account and a canceled check
  • Proof that you own or rent your store
  • A document saying you can run a store there
  • A GST number
  • A trade license for your store
  • An agreement with Lenskart to sell their stuff
  • You need to be educated, full of energy, and crazy about helping customers
  • You’ll need to invest between 30-35 lakhs in this business

Why Go for a Lenskart Franchise?

Lenskart is a well-known eyewear company in India. If you want to run a store, it’s a great choice. Here are some reasons why:

  • They’ve been doing great since the beginning.
  • Their stuff is good and not too expensive.
  • You can make a good profit.
  • They offer free eye tests and really good lenses.
  • They help you set up your store.
  • They support you with marketing.
  • They’re always there to help.
  • They have one price for all their products, so no funny business with pricing.

How Much lenskart Franchise Cost?

The minimum investment to open a Lenskart franchise in India is around INR 30-35 lakhs. This investment includes: 

Franchise fee, Setup cost, Initial inventory, Software fee, Interiors, Branding, LCD screen, tablet, laptop. 

Franchisees will also need to pay ongoing royalties and marketing fees to the company. 

The property where the store would be situated will cost about 10-15 lakhs, based entirely on where the outlet is situated. 

Here are some other costs to consider: 

  • Franchise fee: Rs. 2 lakh
  • Software fee: Rs. 36,000
  • Interiors: Rs. 10 lakh
  • Branding (Signage, VM, other branding): Rs. 2.7 lakh
  • LCD Screen, Tablet, Laptop: Rs. 2.5 lakh

You can check full lenskart plan below to get better understading.

how to get lenskart franchise?

lenskart franchise shop

If you meet all the requirements and want to start a Lenskart store, here’s a step by step process for lenskart franchise apply:

1. Go to Lenskart’s official website at https://partners.lenskart.com/.

2. Fill out the partner application form with your name, email, phone number, city, and whether you own or rent your store.

3. Submit the form, and someone from Lenskart will get in touch with you to guide you through the next steps.

4. If you prefer, you can also email them at beafranchise@lenskart.in or call them at 9555510896.

Lenskart Franchise Contact Details

If you have questions about the cost of a Lenskart franchise in India or anything else, here’s how to reach them:

  • Corporate Address: Vatik Mindscapes Building, 7th Floor, Sector 27d, Faridabad-121001.
  • Contact Number: 9555510896
  • Email: beafranchise@lenskart.in


If you’re excited about the eyewear business, have the time and money to invest, Lenskart’s franchise is a good choice. It costs around 30-35 lakhs to start, and you can make a 25-30% profit. This blog is just for information, and we’re not promoting any company. We gathered all this info from reliable sources. If you want more details, visit Lenskart’s official website.

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Lenskart Plan


Software Licence & Franchise Fee2,36,000
Interiors (Furniture, tiles, A/C, Displays, Storage, Music System)10,00,000
Branding (Signage, VM, other branding)2,70,000
LCD Screen, Tablet, Laptop2,50,000
Staff Training Expense2,00,000
Opthal Equipment (Eye testing machine, other tools etc)5,00,000
Total Capex24,56,000
lenskart franchise cost


Operating Expenses Per Month Per Year
Rent( Inclusive of Taxes)50,0006,00,000
Store Manager30,0003,60,000
Optometrist ( 2 Nos)40,0004,80,000
Sales Executive15,0001,80,000
Total Salaries85,00010,20,000
Telephone1,000 12,000
Internet 2,00024,000
Stationary & Miscellaneous 1,00012,000
Cleaning Staff1,50018,000
Repair & Maintenance1,50018,000
card pmt charges 3,37540,500
Marketing Cost2,50030,000
Total Other Expense20,8752,50,500
Total Operating Expenses1,55,87518,70,500
lenskart franchise cost in india


Prescription Frames 250 3,000 25% 1,87,500 7,50,000
Sunglasses 60 2,000 25% 30,000 1,20,000
Contact Lens 30 1,000 13% 3,900 30,000
Total 340   2,21,400 9,00,000
lenskart franchise profit margin

Store ROI

 Sales Commission30%
 ROI on Capex33%
 Yearly Earning Potential8,50,000
lenskart franchise profit

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