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Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of e-commerce in India? Look no further! Allow us to introduce you to what is Shopsy by Flipkart – your ticket to online selling success.

If you’re looking for an ideal platform to grow your business and expand your reach, becoming a Shopsy seller is the way to go! 📈 By joining as a seller on Shopsy, you unlock a world of possibilities to tap into new customer markets.

What is Shopsy?

shopsy flipkart app image
Shopsy app online shopping

Shopsy by Flipkart is a revolutionary reselling platform, that connects sellers to a massive pool of 200-500 million budget-conscious customers. It builds trust between sellers and resellers, helping you tap into new customer markets unfamiliar with online shopping but trusting the resellers they know.

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Benefits of Selling on Shopsy by flipkart

Now, let’s talk perks. Here’s why savvy sellers like you choose Shopsy:

  1. Zero Commissions for You
    That’s right – a grand total of 0% commission for all Shopsy exclusive verticals and Flipkart verticals listed in the price range of Rs 151 – 600. Zero, zilch, nada – your earnings stay where they belong, in your pocket!
  2. Say Goodbye to Paperwork Hassles
    Forget about drowning in paperwork or dealing with complicated trademark registrations. Shopsy is all about simplicity and stress-free selling.
  3. No Need for Professional Photoshoots
    Who needs an expensive photographer? With Shopsy, you can snap those product pics with your smartphone and upload them in a flash. Say cheese to cost-effective marketing!

Now, let’s cut to the chase.

How to become shopsy seller: step-by-step guide

shopsy seller dashboard and shopsy seller login page
Shopsy Seller Dashboard Page

Discover how to sell your products on shopsy with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Go to the Shopsy Seller page

Getting started is a breeze! Sign up using your mobile number or email ID and don’t forget to enter your pincode to check serviceability.

Step 2: Fill in Your Business Details

Upload your GSTIN, a simple task in the grand scheme of things.

Step 3: Bank Verification Made Simple

Provide sample signatures and a copy of a canceled cheque with your company name printed on it.

Step 4: The Onboarding Process

List at least one product on the site and get ready to dazzle your potential customers.

Step 5: Congratulations – You’re Ready to Sell!

Roll out the digital red carpet because you’re now officially part of the Shopsy seller family. Your selling journey has just begun!

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re the kind of seller who’s on the move…

Steps to download shopsy apk and list your products using mobile app

Here’s how:

Step 1: Head over to your friendly neighborhood app store (Playstore), and download the Flipkart seller hub app.

Step 2: Fire up your Shopsy app, click on Listings, and hit that “Create Shopsy listing” button like you’re launching a rocket.

Step 3: Once you’ve hit “Start Listing,” choose your category from the suggestions in the search bar. It’s like a virtual treasure hunt, but you’re the one hiding the treasures.

And voilà! You’re now the proud owner of some active listings, ready to dazzle the Shopsy universe with your awesome products.

So, there you have it, folks. Shopsy, your new selling sidekick, is just a few clicks away. Time to unleash your inner retail superstar! 💫

Why Sellers Love Shopsy?

But the benefits don’t end there! Here’s why sellers like you are falling head over heels for Shopsy:

Shopsy is more than a platform; it’s your golden ticket to success. You’ll become part of a trusted network that can help your business grow and thrive. With access to over 500 million potential customers worldwide and a ready logistics network at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit!

Plus, we’ll even sprinkle in some exclusive pricing and customer demand insights to help you navigate the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.

Tools to Grow on Shopsy: Boost Your Sales and Visibility

Shopsy, the premier online marketplace, equips sellers with a range of tools and features to supercharge their businesses.

Here’s how to harness these resources for growth:

Shopsy Ads

Create Targeted Ads: Utilize Shopsy Ads to boost visibility and sales by targeting specific customer segments. Our guide provides tips and successful campaign case studies.

Shopsy Business Manager

Get dedicated support, merchandising insights, and access to exclusive opportunities, including joint business plans and pricing insights.

Benefit from a dedicated Shopsy account manager, exclusive insights, and prompt assistance with escalations.

Seller Learning Center

Access a wealth of resources, including courses, tutorials, articles, blogs, and videos, to enhance your selling expertise, regardless of your experience level.

Shopsy Seller Hub App:

Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere: Seamlessly oversee your Shopsy seller account on Android and iOS devices.

Stay informed about sales, engage with customers, handle orders, and monitor performance effortlessly.

Shopsy empowers sellers with these dynamic tools and features to elevate their businesses, amplify sales, and streamline operations.

Shopsy Review: Is Shopsy safe?

Shopsy Review

Chirag Dude

Product Quality


Shopsy by Flipkart offers a convenient reselling platform connecting sellers to a large customer base. With attractive features like affordable shopping, extensive product listings, easy returns, free delivery, and cash on delivery options, it provides a pleasant shopping experience. However, occasional issues like defective products, overpricing, delivery delays, and inconsistent product quality should be noted. Despite these drawbacks, staying informed through product reviews and seller ratings can enhance your shopping experience. Happy shopping!


People Also Ask

What is the Shopsy app?

Shopsy is a reselling platform developed by Flipkart, a renowned e-commerce company. It is designed to connect sellers with potential buyers, offering a wide range of products for purchase. With Shopsy, sellers can easily list their items, and customers can enjoy a convenient shopping experience.

Is Shopsy the same as Flipkart?

Yes, Shopsy is a product of Flipkart. It is a reselling platform operated by Flipkart to expand its reach and enable sellers to connect with customers effectively.

Is the Shopsy app real or fake?

The Shopsy app is real. It is a legitimate reselling platform developed and operated by Flipkart, a trusted and well-established company in the e-commerce industry.

Why is Shopsy so cheap?

Shopsy offers affordable pricing on its products and as a reselling platform, it connects sellers directly to buyers, eliminating the need for middlemen, which can help reduce costs.

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